Hillingdon SENDIASS

London Borough of Hillingdon, 2S/04 Civic Centre, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 1UW

Contact details

  Telephone:01895 277 001
  Website:visit website


What the service does.
This Service provides information, advice and support for parents of children and young people with SEN or disabilities, about education, health and social care. The Service provides legally based, impartial, confidential and accessible information, advice and support and will be able to offer face to face, telephone advice as well as casework and representation when needed.

We offer support to parents of children with special educational needs and those who have been excluded or are at risk of being excluded from school. The Service will often work with parents and children/young people together but will also provide a service directly and separately to young people aged 16-25.

The service encourages partnership between parents, LA's, schools and voluntary bodies with the work of identifying, assessing and making provision for children and young people with SEN.

Who is the service for?
Any parent/carer of children 0-16 years or young person with special educational needs/disabilities 16-25 years.

When to use the service.
Are you worried your child/young person is struggling in school or at risk of exclusion or teachers have raised concerns about your child. It is a self referral service. 

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